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The original Cycle Chic website – Copenhagen Cycle Chic – was established byMikael Colville-Andersen in June 2007.   Cycle Chic websites have been popping up all over the world, and Mikael has asked that all new Cycle Chic websites follow and promote the Cycle Chic Manifesto:

- I choose to cycle chic and, at every opportunity, I will choose Style over Speed.

- I embrace my responsibility to contribute visually to a more aesthetically pleasing urban landscape.

- I am aware that my mere prescence in said urban landscape will inspire others without me being labelled as a ‘bicycle activist’.

- I will ride with grace, elegance and dignity.

- I will choose a bicycle that reflects my personality and style.

- I will, however, regard my bicycle as transport and as a mere supplement to my own personal style. Allowing my bike to upstage me is unacceptable.

- I will endeavour to ensure that the total value of my clothes always exceeds that of my bicycle.

- I will accessorize in accordance with the standards of a bicycle culture and acquire, where possible, a chain guard, kickstand, skirt guard, fenders, bell and basket.

- I will respect the traffic laws.

- I will refrain from wearing and owning any form of ‘cycle wear’. The only exception being a bicycle helmet – if I choose to exercise my freedom of personal choice and wear one. (and make an effort to understand the science of helmets)*


"Cycle Chic™" is a trademark of Cycle Chic/Copenhagenize. While the phrase "Cycle Chic" has been widely used in connection 
with the description of a growing global trend, the use of the mark”Cycle Chic™” for commercial purposes
is not allowed without the expressed, written permission of Cycle Chic / Copenhagenize.

Usage of the phrase “Cycle Chic” for the idealistic purpose of bicycle advocacy is permitted
as long as respect for the published Cycle Chic™ manifesto is shown.

In addition, if the blog or event that uses the mark ”Cycle Chic™” in a permitted way receives any press
attention, please make sure that you mention to the original blog in Copenhagen.

For a brush up on the history of Cycle Chic, you can read this post.

Cycle Chic™ is in no way associated with any webstore or ‘brick and mortar’ store other than the
Cycle Chic Boutique and the Cycle Chic store at BigCartel.

In addition, when using the Cycle Chic mark we request that international standards with regards to 
bicycle safety are adhered to. That is to say no blatant promotion of bicycle helmets in the photographs.
See the Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation for Cycle Chic’s scientific reference on helmets.
In addition, here are links to the helmet policy of the European Cyclists Federation, the French cyclist organisation FUBICY,
the British cyclist org CTC, for example.

Cycle Chic™ Sundays uses the Cycle Chic™ mark with the expressed written permission of Cycle Chic / Copenhagenize.

Any usage of the Cycle Chic™ Sundays trademark requires adherance to the same guidelines as above.

If you have any doubts about usage, you are welcome to contact Cycle Chic / Copenhagenize. - cycle chic - the original from copenhagen
the cycle chic webshop - - - the slow bicycle movement

"OPORTO CYCLE CHIC, dirigido a todos aqueles que a cada momento da sua vivência cosmopolita e social se preocupam não só com a imagem mas também com a saúde."


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